Network Steering Committe

Prof. (International Law) Gregor Noll, Supervisor and researcher (Gothenburg).
E-mail: Professor of International Law, Torsten Söderberg Research Chair at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. My main areas of research are international refugee and migration law, human rights law, the theory of international law and international humanitarian law. Currently, I am working on how neurotechnology, robotics and AI impact on international humanitarian law and human rights law and I consider how our ontological history impacts our way of operationalizing international law.

Prof. (Public International Law) Rebecca Thorburn Stern, Supervisor and researcher (Uppsala).
Research project: The Convention on the Rights of the Child as national law: does it make a difference for asylum-seeking children?
The overall purpose of the project is to analyse whether and, in such case, to what extent the legal status of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in national law has an impact on how the rights of asylum-seeking children are understood and implemented on the national level. The main research question is whether direct incorporation of the Convention leads to a stronger focus on rights than other measures of treaty implementation. The project is funded by a grant from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation (R29/15).
Main research interests include human rights, the rights of children to participation and non-discrimination in particular; migration law in a rights-based perspective, and the relationship between international and national law. 

Prof. (Practical Philosophy) Patricia Mindus, Supervisor and researcher (Uppsala).
Research projects:
CIVIS SUM 2015-2021 KAW
Constitutional Design and Population Design 2021-2023 KAW
Mindus is a legal and political philosopher and Director of Uppsala Forum for Democracy, Peace and Justice. With an interest in legal realism, democratic theory and migration, she directs research on citizenship and migration policy in the EU. Signature contributions include the functionalist theory of citizenship and the theory of migration as an institutional fact.

Assoc. Prof. Vladislava Stoyanova, Researcher (Lund).
Research project: Migrations and Human Rights Law. The Legal Regime of Human Trafficking versus the Human Rights Prohibitions on Slavery, Servitude and Forced Labor in a Migration Context.