Members, PhD students

Hevi Dawody Nylén, PhD candidate (Stockholm).
Research project: The Impact of the Exclusion Clause in International Refugee Law in Relation to Terrorism.
The project focuses on the interpretation of Article 1F of the 1950 Refugee Convention, known as the ‘exclusion clause’, in relation to acts of terrorism. Even though ‘terrorism’ is not explicitly referred in the exclusion clause, the objectives to recognize acts of terrorism as an integral part of the exclusion clause is asserted clearly by the international community. It is therefore possible to exclude asylum seekers from international refugee protection due to acts of terrorism despite the lack of a universal definition of the term ‘terrorism’. Given the absence of a universal definition of terrorism, the main research aim is thus to understand how to interpret exclusion in relation to terrorism from an international perspective in order to maintain the protection of legal certainty.
My overall research interests are projects that relate to the legal fields of refugee law, human rights law, criminal law, treaty interpretation and extradition law. In terms of specific areas, I am interested in issues relating to national security, status definitions, sovereignty, conflict of interest, critical theory, and interrelation vs. fragmentation within international law.

Lisa Kerker, PhD student (Lund). Research project: The roles of migration law in the context of domestic violence upon family migration. The doctoral research project in migration law investigates and analyses the roles Swedish migration law plays and could play regarding protection from domestic violence in the context of family migration. The aims are to shed light on how, and to what extent, Swedish migration law provides for protection from domestic violence in the context of family migration, and analyse different roles migration law plays and could play regarding such protection. Migration law, Refugee Law, Public Law, Human Rights Law, Family migration, Gender in Asylum and Migration Law, Gender and Law, domestic violence.

Karin Hervéus, PhD student (Gothenburg).
Research project: The concept of circular migration – Towards a common EU framework for labour migration?

Maria Bexelius, PhD student (Uppsala).

Tommaso Braida, PhD student (Uppsala).

Isa Cegrell Karlander, PhD student (Uppsala).

Guilherme Marques Pedro, PhD student (Uppsala).

Annkatrin Meyerson, PhD student (Gothenburg)
Research project: Trovärdighetsbedömningar i den svenska asylprocessen

Aleksandra Popovic, PhD student (Lund)
Research project: Lag, fakta och problemlösning med särskilt fokus på flyktingars problem

Elena Prats, PhD student (co-tutelle Uppsala & UPF Barcelona)

Laura Tarvainen, PhD student at University of Lapland, Finland
Research project: Vulnerability of the victims of torture in asylum process.

Kristina Anna Wejstål, PhD student (Gothenburg).
Research project: Legal Channels for Asylum Seekers into the European Union – A Balance between Protection and Security?        

Karin Åberg, PhD student (Gothenburg).
Research project: Blurring the Boundaries: On Human Rights and Humanitarianism.