The price of solidarity: distributing the responsibilities for people in need of international protection within the EU and between the EU and third countries

The Price of Solidarity: Sharing the Responsibility for Persons in Need of International Protection within the EU and between the EU and Third Countries 

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to analyze the distribution of responsibilities relating to international protection within the EU and between EU Member States and third countries. The project includes an empirical and a theoretical part. In the empirical part the aim is to conduct a survey of the existing solidarity mechanisms in the context of the Common European Asylum System, and their distributive effects amongst states. Such mechanisms include the reception of independently incoming asylum seekers, Dublin transfers, reception of resettled refugees, financial contributions through the European Refugee Fund as well as contributions to international organizations like UNHCR and IOM. In the theoretical part, the project will develop the theory and method to understand the concepts of “solidarity” and “fairness” as stipulated in Article 80 TFEU so that existing and future reform of responsibility sharing schemes can be subject to informed scientific analysis. 

Doctoral candidate: Eleni Karageorgiou. Department of Law, Lund University. Supervisor: Gregor Noll.

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