Analysis of solidarity in recent EU asylum policy measures

In a recent analysis published by the Swedish Institute for Europan Policy Studies (Sieps) Eleni Karageorgiou explores the meaning and functions of the principle of solidarity enshrined in Article 80 TFEU based on the ways in which it has been operationalized through new measures and proposals such as an emergency relocation mechanism, a proposal to reform the Dublin Regulation, and the development of the EU-Turkey partnership.

Read the paper here.

Thorburn Stern appointed expert in inquiry into legal routes for asylum-seekers

Rebecca Thorburn Stern, associate professor of international law, has been appointed expert by the Swedish Government in an inquiry into legal routes to the EU for asylum-seekers.

The inquiry will analyze the possibilities for legal routes to the EU, for example through the possibility of visas or other types of admission permits for persons intending to seek asylum in the EU. If deemed possible, the inquiry will result in a proposal of a legal framework in accordance with Sweden’s obligations under EU law and other international instruments. The findings of the Inquiry will be presented at the latest 31 December 2017.

Read more about the inquiry here (in Swedish).


The research milieu Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network (L/UMIN) is a collaboration between the faculties of law at Uppsala and Lund universities which aims at promoting and developing migration law in Sweden. The research within the milieu focuses on international as well as national aspects of migration law. PhD Projects as well as postdoc Projects are included, and several senior researchers are linked to the milieu. Seminar series and workshops will be organised, where the exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners of migration law is central.

European UnionThe project is co-funded by the European refugee fund.

Read more on the project here.

Brief summaries of the subprojects

The part of the L/UMIN project which was co-funded by the European Refugee Fund came to an end on 30 June 2015. Brief summaries of each research project are now available:


L/UMIN in Almedalen

L/UMIN researchers arrange a panel debate on migration law during the Almedalen week  (annual political event) in Visby, Gotland: “Döden i Medelhavet, klimat-migration och trovärdighetsproblem – håller asylrätten för framtiden?”

Time: 1 July 2015 at 8:00 – 9:30 (breakfast served at 8:00)
Venue: Hästgatan 13, Visby

Read more on the seminar (in Swedish).

Download invitation (pdf, in Swedish).