Associated researchers

*The list is being updated- (2020-09-21).

Network Steering Committe

Prof. (International Law) Gregor Noll, Supervisor and researcher (Gothenburg).

Prof. (Public International Law) Rebecca Thorburn Stern, Supervisor and researcher (Uppsala).

Prof. (Practical Philosophy) Patricia Mindus, Supervisor and researcher (Uppsala).
Research projects:
CIVIS SUM 2015-2021 KAW
Constitutional Design and Population Design 2021-2023 KAW
Mindus is a legal and political philosopher and Director of Uppsala Forum for Democracy, Peace and Justice. With an interest in legal realism, democratic theory and migration, she directs research on citizenship and migration policy in the EU. Signature contributions include the functionalist theory of citizenship and the theory of migration as an institutional fact.

Vladislava Stoyanova, Researcher (Lund).
Research project: Migrations and Human Rights Law. The Legal Regime of Human Trafficking versus the Human Rights Prohibitions on Slavery, Servitude and Forced Labor in a Migration Context.


Matilda ArvidssonResearcher (Gothenburg).
Research project: Project ASILE/ Horizon2020, more information to be found hereLaw clinic in migration law: Rättspraktiken. Project: Likabehandling i asylmål: kan maskininlärning bidra till bättre beslut? financed by Vinnova, more information

Maria Bexelius, PhD student (Uppsala).

Anna Bruce, Researcher (Lund).

Louise Dane, Researcher (Stockholm).
Research project: “Barnets bästa i migrationsprocessen”.

Hevi Dawody Nylén, PhD candidate in International Law (Stockholm).
Research project: The Impact of the Exclusion Clause in International Refugee Law in Relation to Terrorism.
The project focuses on the interpretation of Article 1F of the 1950 Refugee Convention, known as the ‘exclusion clause’, in relation to acts of terrorism. Even though ‘terrorism’ is not explicitly referred in the exclusion clause, the objectives to recognize acts of terrorism as an integral part of the exclusion clause is asserted clearly by the international community. It is therefore possible to exclude asylum seekers from international refugee protection due to acts of terrorism despite the lack of a universal definition of the term ‘terrorism’. Given the absence of a universal definition of terrorism, the main research aim is thus to understand how to interpret exclusion in relation to terrorism from an international perspective in order to maintain the protection of legal certainty.
My overall research interests are projects that relate to the legal fields of refugee law, human rights law, criminal law, treaty interpretation and extradition law. In terms of specific areas, I am interested in issues relating to national security, status definitions, sovereignty, conflict of interest, critical theory, and interrelation vs. fragmentation within international law.

Mariagiulia Giuffré, Lecturer at Edge Hill University, United Kingdom
Research project: Seeking Protection in Europe: Refugees, Human Rights, and Bilateral Agreements Linked to Readmission.

Daniel Hedlund, Researcher (Uppsala).

Karin Hervéus, PhD student (Gothenburg).
Research project: The concept of circular migration  Towards a common EU framework for labour migration?

Prof. Petra Herzfeld Olsson, Researcher (Stockholm).
Research project: The new EU legislative framework on labour migration from third countries – to what extent has it strengthened the position of the migrant worker?

Livia Johannesson, Researcher (Stockholm).
Research project: Dilemmas in Courtrooms – How Judges Practice Equality Before the Law at Swedish Administrative Court (funded by the Swedish Research Council, 2019-2022, reg: 2018-01842.
The aim of this research project is to investigate how equality before the law is practiced by judges adjudicating disputes between particularly vulnerable individuals and the state. To meet this aim, the project conducts an ethnographic study at the administrative courts in Sweden, focused on the interactions between judges, claimants, and other judicial actors participating in the trials. The types of cases investigated are: determinations of asylum claims, compulsory psychiatric care (LPT), compulsory care due to drug abuse (LVM), and compulsory care of children (LVU).
Livia Johannesson studies public administration, often through ethnographic methods. Her research addresses two main themes: the organization of health care and the role of administrative courts in democracy and migration politics. Within the court theme, Livia studies how objectivity and administrative justice are constructed through practices, norms and rules in administrative courts. In relation to the latter theme, Livia has also studied Swedish asylum policy in a historical perspective and how asylum rights activism has developed in Sweden since the beginning of the 2000s.

Eleni Karageorgiou, Researcher (Lund).

Isa Cegrell Karlander, PhD student (Uppsala).

Lisa Kerker, PhD student (Lund).
Research project: “Rättighetsskydd och rättsutveckling för våldsutsatta kvinnor i anknytningsrelationer”.

Annkatrin Meyerson, PhD student (Gothenburg)
Research project: “Trovärdighetsbedömningar i den svenska asylprocessen”.

Aleksandra Popovic, PhD student (Lund)
Research project: “Lag, fakta och problemlösning med särskilt fokus på flyktingars problem”

Martin Ratcovich Leopardi, Researcher (Stockholm).
I am a researcher and teacher in International Law at the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University. My research interests include international law in general and the law of the sea, refugee law and human rights in particular. I defended my thesis ‘International Law and Rescue of Refugees at Sea’ in 2019.

Matthew Scott, Researcher (Lund).

Laura Tarvainen, PhD student at University of Lapland, Finland
Research project: Vulnerability of the victims of torture in asylum process.

Kristina Anna Wejstål, PhD student (Gothenburg).
Research project: Legal Channels for Asylum Seekers into the European Union – A Balance between Protection and Security?        

Hanna Wikström, Researcher (Gothenburg).

Karin Åberg, PhD student (Gothenburg).
Research project: Blurring the Boundaries: On Human Rights and Humanitarianism.