Extended deadline for submission of abstracts to the Nordic Asylum Law Seminar

The deadline for the call for papers for the Nordic Asylum Law Seminar 2015 has been extended with two weeks. The new deadline for submission of abstracts is February 10, 2015.

The seminar will be held in Uppsala, Sweden, on 7-8 May 2015, and has the overall theme Unequal Treatment: The Root of All Claims for Protection?.

More information on the Nordic Asylum Law Seminar.

New paper on age assessment

Gregor Noll has published a working paper on “Junk Science? Four Arguments Against the Radiological Age Assessment of Unaccompanied Minors Seeking Asylum”.

Should radiological age assessment at all be considered as a means to alleviate the doubts of a decision taker in the asylum procedure? In this text, I ask, first, whether the use of radiological imaging methods in the age assessment of unaccompanied adolescents seeking asylum are in compliance with internal norms of the forensic science community and find that they are not. Second, I consider whether their use is scientifically authoritative according to the current state of the art in forensic medicine and traumatology. I find that they are not. Third, I pursue they question whether their use is sufficiently safeguarded against a particular kind of communicative error between judges and experts. I conclude that they are not. In all, I show that properly understood advice from a forensic science expert who takes into account the scientific issues I enumerated in this article can never dispel doubt on an applicant’s age. According to article 25.5 of the Recast Asylum Procedure Directive, this prevailing doubt will automatically trigger the assumption that the applicant is a child, which is my fourth and last argument.

The full paper can be downloaded here.