L/UMIN Work-in-progress Workshop

6-7 February in Lund

The researchers within  the network gathered for a workshop in order to exchange experiences of the work so far. Apart from L/UMIN researchers, the event was also attended by researchers from Stockholm University and Gothenburg University whose fields of research is migration law. Participants felt that the feedback provided at the workshop was rewarding for their individual research projects.

Hearing on disabilities and the asylum process

31 January 2014 in Lund

Anna Bruce held this hearing within the project on adults and children with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities in the asylum process. The purpose of the hearing was to gather practitioners with different backgrounds and experiences in working with adults and children with disabilities and to exchange thoughts and ideas. A physician, the chairman for the national association for social and mental health, a psychologist and representatives from Save the Children and the Red Cross were amongst the attendees. The hearing gave the project a solid inventory of problems in the actual practical application.

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Presentation of the L/UMIN project

27 September 2013 in Stockholm

One of the aims of L/UMIN is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between researchers and practitioners. For this purpose, a number of workshops and seminars will be arranged within the framework of the project, of which this was the first. Here, the research milieu and the sub-projects were introduced. There was also room for discussion on migration law research in general – which research issues are relevant and interesting from an academic point of view, as well as from a practitioner or a policy point of view?